Foods to Help Golden Retrievers Lose Weight

An overweight dog is just as unhealthy as an overweight person and can suffer from the same problems--heart disease, diabetes and so on. Golden Retrievers are no exception. As large-breed dogs, Goldens are susceptible to hip dysplasia and other joint problems and being overweight only contributes to those issues. Therefore, if your Golden Retriever is overweight, now is the time to drop those extra pounds. The easiest way to do so is with foods that are designed for weight loss.

High-Fiber, High-Protein Diets

There are many prescription diets that are aimed at reducing weight in dogs. Most of these foods are low in fat and calories and contain high amounts of fiber and protein. The low calorie and fat content helps your Golden Retriever to lose weight. The fiber makes the dog feel full and aids in digestion. The down side to a high-fiber diet however, is that your Golden will need to take more trips to the backyard. The protein in the foods helps to stimulate metabolism and build lean muscle mass. These types of diets have been proven to be effective and are recommended by many veterinarians as the best foods to lose weight. Hill’s R/D, Royal Canin’s Canine Calorie Control High Fiber and Purina’s OM diets are all types of high-fiber, high-protein diets.

The Zone Diet

Another popular method that has been effective in weight-loss in Golden Retrievers is the zone diet. One type of food that uses this particular method is Life’s Abundance. This wholesome diet uses chicken and catfish meal and egg as its protein sources and contains high-quality vegetables and fruits. Life’s Abundance is also void of artificial flavors or colors and doesn’t contain corn, corn gluten, wheat or wheat gluten. This is particularly beneficial for Golden Retrievers because of their high occurrence of food allergies. Many believe that ingredients such as corn and wheat cause the sensitivities to certain diets. If yours is like many Golden Retrievers and is allergic to these ingredients, this diet could work well for your dog. Life's Abundance also has Omega-3 fatty acids which can help your Golden Retriever if she has skin problems.

Healthy Treats

A simple way to aid in your Golden Retriever’s weight loss is by feeding him healthy treats. Many bones, biscuits and other treats are very high in fat and most owners feed them to their dog unaware of the high calorie content. Try giving your dog baby carrots or green beans as an alternative. Many Goldens find these healthy foods just as tasty as their junk food equivalents. This simple switch could help your Golden Retriever lose weight while still allowing him to snack.