Foods That Have Potassium for Dogs

Potassium is a natural element necessary for the healthy function of canine muscles, nerves and enzymes. This element helps the body maintain proper fluid balance. Potassium is commonly found in many ingredients used in commercial and home-prepared dog foods.


According to Wisconsin veterinarian Holly Nash, most pet foods meet the minimum requirement of 0.6 percent potassium.


Look on the dog food ingredient label for the potassium level. Most manufactured foods contain the minimum recommended requirement.



Many vegetables used in commercial and homemade pet food are high in potassium. These vegetables include potatoes, carrots, beans and peas.



Bananas, melons and apples are good potassium sources. Dog treats often contain these fruits for flavor and nutrition.



Meats including chicken, fish and turkey are high in potassium. These meats are the main protein in many commercial and home-prepared canine foods.



Potassium problems in a dog are usually due to disease. Veterinary diagnosis is important to determine whether a dog has too much or too little potassium.