Do Foxhounds Shed?

Foxhounds run swiftly after agile red fox.
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Several breeds share the name foxhound, including American, English and toy. They share similar coats as well. Originally bred as outdoor dogs adept at hunting fox and other small game, foxhounds have coats that need little attention. They shed all year, but the shedding is minor, and regular grooming helps keep the hair off your floor.

Foxhound Coats

Foxhounds have short, smooth coats, which means they shed a bit more than wire-hair breeds. Dogs with curly hair tend to need more grooming; they lose as many hairs as the smooth-coated breeds, but it gets caught and tangled in other hair. Brushing your foxhound about once a week helps release loose hairs and trap them before they fall. Bathing also helps remove hairs before they shed in your house.