French Bulldog Show Quality Characteristics

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The French bulldog is a companion animal who makes a great lap dog. The American Kennel Club designates strict requirements for this breed's show quality characteristics. He is small to medium-size with a stocky, muscular build, heavy bone structure, a smooth coat, a short muzzle and the trademark "bat" ears that stand straight up high on the skull. French bulldog lovers call them "Frenchies."

French Bulldog Weight

The French bulldog's size and weight for show quality dogs includes a medium to small structure. A show French bulldog must weigh less than 28 pounds. Any weight over this amount disqualifies your dog from the show ring.

Frenchie Head

The Frenchie has a large square head in proportion with his body. His eyes are large, spaced wide in the face and set low on the skull. Darker-color dogs have dark eyes; those with lighter coats may have lighter eyes. Frenchie muzzles are wide with defined checks, and are very short, creating wrinkles on the muzzle top and between the eyes.

French Bulldog Body

The body shape of a show-quality French bulldog includes a thick neck that is arched and powerful, with loose skin on the throat. The back slightly falls from behind the front shoulders and narrows in front of the rear loins. The chest is broad, full and deep; the tail is short, screwed or straight, and it tapers at the tip. Curly tails are not allowed in the French bulldog show ring.

Frenchie Color

Frenchie coats must be solid brindle, fawn, white, or brindle and white for show quality. Disqualified colors include solid black, liver, mouse, black and white, black and tan, and white with black markings.

French Bulldog Coat

A show-quality French bulldog has a coat that is very easy to groom. It is short, smooth and moderately fine. The skin underneath the coat is loose and soft in ample amounts on the head and shoulder to form wrinkles in these areas.