Frontline Plus for Dogs Side Effects

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Applied topically on the skin between a dogs' shoulder blades each month, Frontline Plus kills fleas, ticks and lice. Although it does in these pests, it poses relatively few side effects in canines, although occasional problems exist. Purchase the pesticide through your veterinarian or over the counter. Frontline Plus contains two major ingredients: firpronil and S-methoprene. Together, these drugs infiltrate your dog's oil glands, killing fleas and ticks coming in contact with them.

Side Effects and Considerations

Most dogs don't experience side effects from Frontline Plus application, but some canines experience irritation or allergic sensitivity at the application site. If lesions develop at the site, call your veterinarian. Since Frontline Plus dosage is weight-specific, weigh your pet before applying the product rather than estimating his size. Puppies less than 8 weeks old shouldn't receive Frontline Plus. If your dog is on other medication, ask your vet whether Frontline Plus is appropriate, since it can interact with certain drugs. Consult your vet before applying Frontline Plus to very old dogs or those with suppressed immune systems, since these animals can become sensitive to even relatively safe medication.


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