FURminator Grooming Tools

Dogs with long hair tend to get tangles.
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FURminator pet grooming tools are effective in helping to get rid of the excess and loose hair on your pet's body. Regularly grooming your cat or dog helps prevent the hair from getting all over your floors, furniture and clothing. It also spreads the natural oils in your pet's coat, keeps it tangle-free and removes dirt. Grooming smaller pets, such as ferrets and rabbits, is important to their health. Many pets enjoy the grooming process, it is a time of relaxation and bonding with their owner.

Dogs with Long Hair

FURminator has grooming tools for five different sizes of dogs from under 10 pounds to over 90 pounds. These are best for dogs with coats longer than 2 inches. The tools are designed to reach underneath the top coat of hair to remove the undercoat and any loose hair. FURminator guarantees its de-shedding tools will remove hair better than any other brush, rake or comb. Using this tool is an effective way to remove tangles and matting on your dog's coat.

Short-Haired Dogs

Tools designed for short-haired dogs assist the owner in getting rid of excess hair on the canine friend. FURminator has five different tools to choose from in this category, depending on the size of your short-haired dog. The website has a product selector tool to assist you in choosing the correct grooming product for your dog. Canines that spend a lot of time outdoors will benefit from the grooming tool since it is helpful in removing dirt.

Long-Haired Cats

The FURminator tools for long-haired cats remove up to 90 percent of the undercoat and loose hair on your feline. Removing the hair helps prevent dangerous hairballs. Tools are available for cats in categories under and over 10 pounds. The long hair de-shedding tools are ideal for cats with coats that are two inches or longer. Cats spend a great deal of time grooming themselves, but long-haired cats tend to get mats in their long hair.

Cats with Short Hair

The short hair FURminator de-shedding tools are designed for cats with coats less than 2 inches in length. Owners with a cat less than 10 pounds need the Short Hair Small Cat deShedding Tool. Cats that weigh more than 10 pounds need the Short Hair Large Cat deShedding Tool.

Small Animals

FURminator grooming tools are not just for cats and dogs. They have de-shedding tools for rabbits and ferrets as well. These type of pets often swallow fur when grooming themselves. They are unable to expel it like cats and this may create life-threatening hairballs.