Getting a Girl Puppy When You Already Have a Boy Dog

It'll take time for the two dogs to get used to one another.
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So you’ve decided to bring home a new puppy. Your research has helped you realize that same sex cohabiting dogs are more likely to fight than mixed couples, so you’ve elected for a female puppy. While introducing a female pup to a male adult isn’t the most difficult new dog scenario, it won’t be without its challenges. Preparation, observation and a little patience are all important if you’re to have a harmonious canine household.


Since you already have a male dog, it’s smart to consider getting a female, as there will be less tension between the two. It’s also good that you’re introducing a puppy to an adult dog, as there will be fewer tussles and disputes over dominance in the early days. These may occur later, when the puppy is fully grown, but at least for now that’s something you don’t need to worry about. Catherine De La Cruz of the Great Pyrenees Club of California Rescue believes that bringing a new puppy into a home with a resident male is the easiest of all canine introductions and that new female to resident male is the second easiest.


As with all new dog introductions, problems will occur. Fortunately, bringing home a female puppy where there is a resident adult male has fewer problems than many other introductions. One thing to look out for is aloofness from the female. While your resident male may be showing exemplary manners in attempting to socialize with the new dog, she may simply prefer her own company, especially in the early days.


The initial introduction has the potential to influence the entire relationship. Get this right and you may have two firm friends for life. Get it wrong and you may find yourself constantly trying to fight relationship problems. Let the two dogs meet in a neutral location, such as a park. Male dogs can be very territorial, so bringing a new and unfamiliar dog into the home may cause the resident dog to react badly. Once they’ve had the chance to interact, make the first introduction in the home. Keep the female puppy on the leash and allow the male to roam free. If there is any tension, gently guide Missy away. This is still Lucky’s turn, so it’s important not to show favor to the new girl.


You’ll need to keep an eye on Missy and Lucky for the first few weeks. Although being a female means she’s more likely to be happy in her own company, she’s still a puppy, and puppies can be trying for older dogs. TV dog trainer Cesar Milan recommends tiring out the pup with lots of play so she simply doesn’t have the energy to annoy the older dog.