Does Getting Skunked Hurt a Dog's Eyes?

Skunks spray with accurate aim for at least 10 feet.
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When your dog gets skunked, the odor is unmistakable. In addition to getting rid of that nasty stench, you'll need to examine your dog's face to look for signs of irritation. Although skunk spray will not cause permanent damage to your dog, you should call your vet immediately if you notice redness in the eyes, squinting or vision loss.

Risks Of Skunk Spray

Direct contact with skunk spray can cause vomiting, nausea and temporary blindness. Your pup's eyes are particularly sensitive and skunk spray can cause burning. If this happens, flush your puppy's eyes with water and call your vet. While on the line, you may want to ask for a recipe to wash your puppy's coat: it's a myth that tomato juice will get rid of the smell.