How to Give a Dog a Haircut With Clippers

Using clippers is an easy way to groom your dog.
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The benefits of giving your dog a haircut go far beyond physical appearance. Keeping your dog properly groomed will go a long way toward his overall well-being. According to the website Dog Grooming Supply, a tangle-free coat will help prevent painful skin irritation. The hair cutting sessions also create bonding time between you and your dog, and with practice you'll both become increasingly comfortable with the process. There are a wide variety of dog clippers available to use for at-home hair cutting, providing a quick and inexpensive way to keep your dog's coat healthy.

Step 1

Get your dog into a comfortable standing position on the table. Brush your dog's coat to remove loose hair, mats and tangles.

Step 2

Begin cutting at your dog's neck. Move the clippers along the coat with the grain of the hair. Cut all around the dog's neck, using quick strokes to maintain an even length.

Step 3

Place the grooming noose around your dog's neck and trim the ears. Hold the ear in your hand as you cut. This will help prevent injury.

Step 4

Trim the hair on the dog's legs. Take each paw in your hand and extend the leg, then run the clippers down the limb.

Step 5

Trim the dog's belly, hindquarters and the rest of the coat. Begin at the dog's neck and work your way back to the tail.

Step 6

Finish by trimming your dog's face. You may want to use a longer attachment comb on the head and cheeks.

Step 7

Stand back and check your work. Look for any spots you missed or areas that need revisiting.


  • Until your dog becomes comfortable with the hair cutting process, use caution when trimming around the head. The noise from the clippers may frighten your dog.


  • Brush your dog's coat often, especially after physical activity. This will help encourage new hair growth.

Items You Will Need

  • Dog clippers and attachment combs
  • Table
  • Grooming pole
  • Dog brush