Good Australian Terrier Names

If he's a boy, Hobie, or Hobart, will harken back to a city in his native Australia.
Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The cute little Australian terrier you're sharing your home with deserves the very best. That includes the perfect name, something that rolls off your tongue, yet is still original. There are lots of ways to find ideas for identifying your pooch; it might be based on his personality, looks or heritage.

Hello Aussie!

As his breed name implies, this sturdy dog hales from Australia, where he was developed to work in the Australian Outback. You may want to honor his Australian heritage by invoking a name from his homeland. Queenie may reference Queensland and Addy will work for Adelaide if she's a girl. Sydney, Darwin and Mel -- for Melbourne -- are all suitable options for a boy.

I've Heard of Him!

There are plenty of famous Australians to draw inspiration from. If you're keen on Nicole Kidman, try Nicky, or Cate if you prefer Ms. Blanchett. Hugh and Russell are good choices for a handsome fellow. Other notable Australians from the big and small screen include Heath, Rachel, Toni and Paul. Kylie, Keith and Michael represent some of the country's famous musicians, and if you want to sing her name in song, consider Matilda -- or Mattie.

Honoring the Ancestors

The Aborigines are the original Australians and provide many unique and beautiful naming options. Jirra is a unique way to reference the kangaroo, the country's most famous animal. Dorak will suit a lively pup, and Bega the beautiful girl. For an "earthier" name, Adoni means sunset and Mowan is the sun; Yuka means tree; Derain is of the mountains and Binda is deep water. Ekala references a lake and Alkira, the sky. Kala is fire, while Maka is a small fire. Australian terriers are small dogs, so Manya as a pretty way to reference her size. They're also nice companions, making Kora an apt choice. Finally, if he brings you a sense of peace, try Yani.

Getting to Know You

If you don't mind taking a few days to get acquainted with your new friend before annointing him with a name, you can try names on to see what fits. If he's a gregarious, outgoing fellow, you can go with something like Rowdy or Happy. If he's an active guy, always on the go, Flash or Dash may suit him better. No matter what name you choose, make sure you pick something simple and easy to pronounce -- a syllable or two is best -- that's distinctive enough to avoid confusion with common words. As well, it should be something you can say in public when you call your pup to you.