What Is a Good Charcoal-Based Treat for Dogs?

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Charcoal-based treats can be helpful for treating flatulence in dogs. Excess gas is unpleasant to both owners and their dogs, but before you rush out to the pet store to find the cure to your furry friend's issues, it's important to identify the cause of the problem.

Signs and Symptoms of Flatulence

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Dogs who have gastrointestinal or digestive issues may exhibit signs that owners should stay on the lookout for -- including, but not limited to, flatulence. Many dogs, just like people may experience occasional flatulence, but if it is prolonged or especially foul-smelling, it may be something more serious than temporary indigestion. You also may notice loose stools that could be oily looking, and your dog may vomit.

Underlying Causes

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Prolonged flatulence or irregular stools are only a symptom of more serious issues. The most frequent issue is that the dog has consumed something harmful or simply different from his normal diet. He may have gotten into the trash or he may be reacting to his dog food. Your vet can take a stool sample to rule out more serious causes.

How Charcoal Helps

Activated charcoal is often composed of natural items such as coconut shells, wood, peat and bamboo. Charcoal works to detoxify and absorbs excess gas in the intestines. While charcoal is not a permanent solution to flatulence or gut irregularities, it works to successfully relieve temporary discomfort.

Types of Charcoal Supplements and Treats

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After consulting your veterinarian, you may be directed to a prescribed charcoal supplement. There are also charcoal-based biscuits formulated specifically for dogs' digestive systems. Follow the guidelines for feeding included on the package. You also may choose a tablet supplement if your dog is comfortable swallowing pills. While you feed these supplements or treats, continue to exercise your dog, which will aid his digestive system's functions.


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