A Good Homemade Dog Fur Rinse

by Cindy Quarters

"But I don't WANT to smell nice."

You don’t need to buy fancy products to keep your pet clean and fresh. While perfumes may make him smell nice for a bit, the chemicals involved can also cause Rover to have dry, itchy skin. A simple homemade dog rinse can get the job done both inexpensively and safely.

Step 1

Combine two gallons of warm water with one cup of plain vinegar. Distilled white vinegar is best, especially on light-colored dogs, but any vinegar will work. If your dog is very large or has a lot of coat, you may want to mix up a double batch. For smaller dogs you can cut the recipe in half.

Step 2

Stir the vinegar and water together well. If your pet is really stinky you can increase the amount of vinegar, up to equal parts water and vinegar.

Step 3

Pour the rinse over your dog. Go slowly, working it into his coat as you go. Try not to miss any areas, being sure to get around his neck, under his legs and on his chest.

Step 4

Blot your pet dry with some towels. Leave the vinegar rinse in place. It won’t hurt him and it will help to control any doggy odor he may have.

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