How to Grind Up Dog Food

by Elle Di Jensen

Grinding dog food makes it easier for young puppies to eat it.

Whether you're dealing with a puppy or a senior canine citizen, sometimes it might be necessary to grind up her kibble. Puppies who are very young or are losing their baby teeth might find it hard to gnaw on hard chunks of kibble. Dogs at the other end of the age spectrum might be losing their teeth, too or may start having digestive issues that make it difficult to digest dry food if it isn't chewed thoroughly enough. Whenever you find the need to grind up your dog's kibble, you can pulverize it easily enough using basic kitchen appliances.

Step 1

Measure out 1 cup of dog kibble, or the amount that equals one serving for your dog.

Step 2

Place the kibble into the food processor or blender.

Step 3

Put the lid onto the appliance and press the "grind" button. Make sure that the unit is switched to "pulse" so that you can lift your finger from the button every few seconds to stop the machine.

Step 4

Pulse the appliance off and on until the kibble is ground to the consistency you want.

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