Griseofulvin & Dogs

Griseofulvin treats canine skin and coat fungal infections.
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If you've ever had ringworm, your doctor might have prescribed griseofulvin for treatment. If your dog suffers from this or other fungal infections, your veterinarian might prescribe the same medication marketed under the brand name Fulvicin for animal use. Although prescribed to treat fungal skin infections, griseofulvin is an oral medication, not a topical medication.

Griseofulvin for Dogs

Griseofulvin prevents fungus such as ringworm from reproducing by stopping its cell division. That allows your dog's natural immune system to fight the fungus. While cats can suffer serious side effects from griseofulvin, canines usually tolerate the drug well. Some dogs might experience lethargy, nausea or appetite loss. Pregnant or nursing dogs should not receive griseofulvin. Give your dog griseofulvin with food. Even if his fungal infection disappears, continue giving him the drug until all of the medication is administered.