The Best Hairstyle for Teacup Yorkies

Teacup Yorkies can grow long, shaggy hair if not regularly groomed.
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Small Yorkshire terriers, or teacup Yorkies, are bred for their adorably tiny proportions. Still, being small doesn't mean that taking care of their long, silky hair is any less of a priority than it would be for a full-size dog. These precious pups look sweet with almost any grooming style, though there are a few classic looks and considerations that are specific to this pint-sized breed.

Glam Ideas for Girls

Bows will look perfectly natural in your teacup Yorkie's long hair.
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If you have a female teacup Yorkie, play up your feminine pooch with fashion accessories. Pull her long, golden hair into a little bubble above her head by wrapping a tiny bow around her locks. Bows also look adorable when fastened to each ear, though be sure not to attach bow or barrettes to the sensitive hair of the inner ear. Girl pups can look very glamorous if you keep their hair long and well-combed. Brush your beauty daily to keep her locks shiny and bouncy.

Best Looks for Boys

Leaving the hair on the face longer can make boys appear more masculine. Images

Teacup Yorkies are naturally dainty, but you can find grooming styles that will bring out the masculine side of your little boy. A puppy cut will leave the hair on his body, head and ears short, while keeping a few longer locks around the face. This popular style is easier to comb, though it will need to be trimmed. Try cutting the hair on the top of his head short, while leaving the face and chin long, creating the appearance of a manly beard. Accessories are also a sweet choice for boys, with patterned collars and coordinated bow ties.

Minimize Maintenance

Puppy cuts mimic the look of newborn hair.
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Teacup Yorkies can grow beautiful shiny hair all over their bodies, but if brushing is a chore, there are cuts that can help trim upkeep. If their hair is kept long, these dogs require grooming at least once a week to prevent knots and matting. If your little pup likes to roll in the dirt, consider shaving him. Since these dogs are so small, they can look a little scrawny without hair, so consider a lion cut that will shave the hair on his body, leaving tufts on his paws, tail and face. Even girl dogs can look feminine with a shaved body, if the shiny, silky hair on their heads is left long to frame their faces.

Suit the Weather

Clothing will add an extra layer to keep your small pet warm.
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Since teacup Yorkies are so small, their tiny bodies are vulnerable to cold. To make sure your dog stays cozy and healthy, make sure to keep her coat long and full in the fall and winter months. Even if their hair is kept long, the thick, silky strands will offer little warmth. Consider getting your pet a sweet little sweater or coat to keep him from catching a chill. Add a color-coordinated bow or collar for a look that's as cute as it is comfortable.