What Is the Hand Sign for Roll Over for a Dog?

Your dog has to lay down before he rolls over.
Duncan Smith/Photodisc/Getty Images

You and your pup have trained hard together to make him a well-behaved companion, responsive to your direction. After he's mastered the basics, such as "sit," "stay" and "come," it's time to have a little fun. Teaching Roofus to roll over using a hand sign makes an impressive trick.

Roll Over Signal

The signal for "roll over" is pretty simple: Keep your hand waist-high, point your finger and make a circular motion with your pointer finger. Teaching Roofus to roll over is more complicated. He'll need to understand the "down" command, and you'll need a good supply of treats on hand as incentive.

Roll Over

After your pup's in the "down" position, hold the treat at the side of his face and slowly move it to the back of his head. Your pup should turn his head and shift his body to follow the treat. Keep practicing the move, moving the treat further along his side and down until he's down on his side. Once he's on his side, move the treat toward his rear, which will make him shift on his side, eventually bringing him on his back. Giving him treats throughout the process will encourage the movement. If he decides he likes hanging out on his back, try to lure him with a treat to complete the circle; you may have to give him a gentle nudge to finish the motion. When he's learned the steps, take him through the entire motion before rewarding him with a treat, gradually replacing snacks with lavish praise for a job well done.