How to Handle a Jumpy Hyper Dog

High-energy games will keep your hyper dog entertained.
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Dogs who are jumpy and hyper are a challenge to manage. They don't seem to listen, have trouble staying focused and always seem to want to stay in motion. If you can find the key to managing your dog's behavior, however, you may be surprised at what a wonderful companion he is. It is important to treat your pup's behavior as an energy-level issue, and not a discipline problem. Hyper, jumpy dogs don't respond well to harsh discipline. Positive reinforcement and frequent praise are the way to shape your dog's behavior.

Increase his exercise. A hyper, high-energy dog needs a lot of exercise. You may think if he has free rein of a fenced area to play, he can exercise himself, but he needs structured activity that will wear him out. Frequent brisk walks, games of fetch and other interactive games will take the edge off his energy.

Spend time with him inside. Your hyper, jumpy dog is probably a handful in the house, and it probably seems easier just to leave him outside, but it's important to spend time together with him inside so he learns how to behave. Hanging out in front of the TV in the evening will teach him how to relax and calm down, even if he does hop up every 10 seconds to walk to the door or stick his nose in your face.

Expect your hyper dog to perform. Make him sit before you connect the leash to his collar and lie down before you set his food dish down. Switch things up so he never knows what to expect, but always expects something.

Stay busy with obedience and trick training. Once your dog has mastered the recall, sit, down and stay, you're not done. Repeating the same exercises will bore him and you will quickly loose his attention. Teach him to catch treats you throw in the air, pick up his toys and put them in a basket, and any other tricks you can think of to keep his mind busy.