What Happens When Dogs Drink Out of a Chlorinated Pool?

Chlorinated pool water is generally safe for your dog.
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When the family jumps into the backyard pool, Fido often wants to join in the fun. Just like you, as he is swimming, he may swallow some of the water. Meanwhile, if he's left outside on a hot day, he may see that backyard pool as a huge water bowl and slurp up some refreshing water. While you may worry about the chlorine levels in the water, rest assured. It is safe for Fido if the pool water's appropriate for swimming.

Drinking Chlorinated Water

If you maintain your pool with the proper chlorine levels, it should be safe for your canine companion to consume. In many areas, the pool water contains about the same amount of chlorine found in your kitchen tap water, according to Priority Pet Hospital. But if you shock your pool with high chlorine levels, it is a good idea to keep Fido away from the water until the chlorine reaches a safe level.

Providing Fresh Water Alternatives

If your dog turns to the pool as a water bowl while he's outside and you want to discourage him from drinking the water, especially if you have just shocked the pool, place fresh water bowls out for him. To encourage him to drink from the water bowls, consider adding ice cubes as a special treat.