What Happens When You Touch a Dog With Mange?

Dogs with mange generally exhibit skin lesions and hair loss.
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Two types of mange primarily affect dogs. Almost all dogs have a few demodetic mange mites on their bodies, but these tiny creatures rarely cause harm in healthy canines. Sarcoptic mange, or scabies, is another story. If you touch a dog with scabies, you could transmit the mites to another dog if you pet it not long afterward. Dogs with scabies are usually itchy, with sores and scabs where they've been scratching.

Mange Tranmission

While scabies mites can't live on people, they're extremely contagious to other canines. If you touch a dog with scabies, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. Avoid touching any other dogs. However, if the dog with scabies is in your home, you should assume he's infected any other canines in the house. Your vet will recommend treating every dog in the house for scabies, even if the others don't show symptoms. Replace all dog bedding, collars or harnesses -- anywhere the mites might live. If that's a financial hardship, wash these items in the washing machine.