How Does Hartz Guard Ultra Plus Work to Rid Dogs of Worms?

Keep your pup healthy by eradicating pesky parasites.
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Intestinal parasites are a problem that most dog owners will need to deal with at some point. Although typically not a major concern in healthy adult dogs, parasites can cause health problems in puppies or older, debilitated dogs. Fortunately, Hartz Guard Ultra Plus is an effective treatment for two of the most common canine parasites -- roundworms and hookworms.

Roundworm Life Cycle

Roundworms or ascarids are the most common type of intestinal parasite in dogs. Your furry friend can pick up roundworms by ingesting eggs in contaminated feces or soil, and females can pass the worms to their puppies in utero. The newly hatched larva migrate to the lungs, the pup coughs up and swallows the worms, and they end up attached to the walls of the small intestine where they shed eggs into the dog’s feces, completing the life cycle.

Treating Roundworms

Your veterinarian can confirm the presence of these parasites through a fecal exam. Once confirmed, administer the Hartz Guard Ultra Plus tablets according to the package directions. The medication kills only the adult worms, so you’ll need to deworm again in a couple weeks after the eggs hatch.

Hookworm Dangers

Hookworms are a serious problem for your dog because they attach themselves to the small intestine and suck the host’s blood. This can result in anemia and be life-threatening in young puppies. Your dog can be infected by ingesting the hookworm eggs or larvae in the environment. The larvae migrate to the intestines, where they mature and release eggs. Some larvae encyst in your pup’s tissues.

Hookworm Treatment

Hartz Guard Ultra Plus is effective against the larvae and adults in the intestines, however it also reactivates the larvae encysted in the tissues, which then migrate to the intestines. Therefore, you’ll need to repeat the treatment in two to three weeks to eradicate all the parasites.