The Height & Weight of Greyhounds

Relatively few greyhounds are actually grey. This handsome dog is a brindle.
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Fast and elegant -- that's the greyhound. While raised primarily for the track, many greyhounds adjust easily to a life of couch potato-hood after retiring. While racing, greyhounds are weighed often, as each dog has a set weight that can only vary by 1.5 pounds in order to compete.

Greyhound Height and Weight

The American Kennel Club standard states that adult male greyhounds should weigh between 65 and 70 pounds, while females are somewhat lighter, ranging from 60 to 65 pounds. Of course, many greyhounds don't meet the standard and might weigh considerably less or more, especially after retirement from racing. Fifty pounds is probably the limit of a low healthy weight for an adult female, with 85 pounds tipping the top of the scale for a grown male. The official standard doesn't specify a height. Male greyhounds range from 26 to 30 inches tall at the shoulder, with females standing between 23 and 26 inches high.