How to Find a Home for an Abandoned Puppy

Finding a new home for an abandoned puppy is a big responsibility.
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If you find an abandoned puppy and cannot open your home to him, you can still help the poor little guy. With the many puppies who end up in shelters or roaming the streets each year, finding a home for one, where he will get the love, food and veterinary care that he deserves, is a worthwhile way to spend your time. While you may be frustrated or disappointed that you cannot keep the puppy to raise, you are doing the right thing by finding him a permanent home.

Step 1

Contact your local animal control. Before deciding what to do with the abandoned puppy, you want to make sure she is abandoned and not lost. Give them a description of the puppy and ask if anyone has been looking for a similar dog. Be sure to leave your name and phone number in case someone comes in looking for the puppy over the next few days. Be aware that depending on the area where you live, animal control may expect you to either turn the puppy over to them or complete fostering paperwork if you intend to keep the puppy.

Step 2

Post signs in the area where you found the puppy, giving a brief description and your phone number. You want to make sure the puppy is truly abandoned and not lost. You may see a puppy who is skinny and scared and assume he has been mistreated, however, puppies can quickly become dehydrated and drop weight when lost on the streets, and his behavior may have more to do with his current situation than how he was treated before.

Step 3

Contact a local veterinarian for help re-homing the pup. He may know of someone who is looking for a new puppy, or may be willing to keep the puppy in his office in the hopes that one of his clients will take her home.

Step 4

Advertise in the local paper, on online pet sites and in other classified spots. Many classified outlets provide free advertising if you're giving away the item for free. If you use this method to find a home for the puppy, spend some time talking with the prospective owners to make sure they are a good match for the abandoned puppy. Ensure they plan to establish a relationship with a local veterinarian and understand the importance of obedience training. Because you don't know the puppy's history, a home without small children may be best, as well as one where the puppy will be kept inside.