Home Remedies for Dogs Scratching the Hair Off Their Necks

Dry skin can be to blame for your dog scratching the hair off its neck.
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Itchy or irritated skin is common in dogs and is usually the reason they scratch their necks. Excessive scratching can cause the hair to fall off. Veterinarian bills and prescriptions for itchy skin can be expensive, so before taking your dog to a vet, try some of these home remedies to stop the itching. If scratching continues seek veterinarian care for your dog to ensure there's not a more serious underlying problem.

Calendula Extract

Buy calendula extract at a health food store. It is a topical liquid that acts as an antibacterial formula. Apply a few extract drops on the area your dog is scratching, then brush your dog thoroughly to smooth out its coat. You can repeat the application process daily or seasonally as needed.

Vitamin E

You might have vitamin E in your medicine cabinet. If not, you can find it at your local grocery or health food store. Just make sure that you get the gel-filled capsules. Break the capsule open and apply the gel directly to your dog’s neck. If your dog has thick fur, peel back the fur to ensure the gel reaches the skin. Place the pills in your dog’s food if you want it to take the vitamin orally. This helps if your dog has itchy or dry skin in multiple places on his body. Repeat as needed. If your dog continually has dry skin, apply the vitamin E every day.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is good for your heart and good for your dog’s skin because of its hydrating factors. Using fish oil in its liquid form, apply it topically to your dog's skin around the neck. Brush your dog’s fur where you apply the fish oil to minimize itching. You can also place the fish oil pills in your dog’s food to have him take the fish oil orally. This can be easier and will hydrate all of his skin. Repeat daily or as needed. If your dog only scratches at its neck seasonally, then apply once a day throughout that particular season.


Mix oatmeal and water in a bowl to make a paste. Apply this to your dog’s neck and let it sit for 10 minutes or so before rinsing it off with warm water. The oatmeal will help your dog's neck be less dry and soothe any itchiness that your dog is experiencing.