Homemade Collapsed Agility Tunnel

A child's play tunnel offers an inexpensive and easy alternative to competition agility tunnels.
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Canine agility began in Birmingham, England in 1978, moving to the United States in 1994, according to Pets Adviser, and is one of the fastest growing canine sports. Equipment, such as the agility tunnel, is available to purchase at many pet stores however, they can be expensive if you just want to try agility or create a backyard playground for your pooch. A cheaper alternative to competitive agility tunnels are children’s play tunnels, averaging about $20. Another option is to make your own with some recycled materials.

Step 1

Open up one pop-up laundry hamper. Using the scissors, cut out the bottom circle, ensuring there are no sharp edges. Repeat this step with as many pop-up hampers as you need to make the tunnel your desired length.

Step 2

Thread the needle with the heavy-duty thread. Pull each end of the thread together and tie in a knot. This will provide a double layer of thread to secure the stitches. Place two hampers end to end. Insert the needle into one edge of the first hamper, from the outside going in. Take the needle into the second hamper from the inside going out. Bring the needle back around into the first hamper, creating a loop. Continue doing this around the entire perimeter of the hampers, attaching them together. Repeat the steps with each additional hamper.

Step 3

Secure the tunnel to your lawn in the desired position by placing fabric stakes through the hampers and into the ground.


  • Ensure that the fabric stakes are in the ground and not sticking up before letting your dog run through the tunnel to avoid possible injury.

  • Check the stitching between hampers before each use to ensure they are secure.


  • Choose fabric hampers made of a durable nylon material to help prevent your dog’s nails from tearing the tunnel when he runs through.

Items You Will Need

  • Pop-up laundry hampers
  • Scissors
  • Needle and heavy-duty thread or fishing line
  • Landscape fabric pins