Homemade Dog Food in a Slow Cooker

"Move over cat, that's my food you smell cooking."
Janie Airey/Lifesize/Getty Images

There is quite a difference between table food and homemade dog food. Your table food is not good for your dog unless it balances the nutrients he needs to be healthy. The correct proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables allow you to make many different combinations of healthy food in your slow cooker. Your family pet will feel entirely grateful that you're making him food that smells like your dinners.

Step 1

Crack eight eggs into a non-stick skillet. Scramble the eggs with a fork and cook them over high heat, stirring constantly until they are firm. Eggs must be cooked thoroughly to prevent stomach upset in dogs.

Step 2

Spray your slow cooker with cooking spray to prevent your dog food from sticking to the pot. Dump the scrambled eggs into the slow cooker.

Step 3

Chop 1/2 pound of boneless skinless chicken or other lean meat into small bite-sizes pieces. You can use any boneless form of protein such as ground turkey, beef or lamb. Choose different meats to tempt your four-legged friend’s taste buds.

Step 4

Wash 2 pounds of potatoes and dry them. Dice the potatoes with skins on into 1-inch squares and add them to the pot. You can substitute other carbohydrates that your pet loves, such as sweet potatoes at the same amount or choose pasta, brown or white rice at the rate of about 1 cup. Pastas and rice double in size when cooked.

Step 5

Pour 1 cup of frozen peas and carrots into the slow cooker. You may choose other veggies such as green beans, broccoli, cauliflower or squash. Frozen or fresh veggies are better for your pooch than vegetables in a can. You will also cut out the preservatives and additional salt that canned veggies have in them.

Step 6

Add water to the slow cooker to cover all ingredients up to about three-quarters of the slow cooker’s top. Measure and add 1 teaspoon of bone meal powder.

Step 7

Stir the mixture thoroughly with a large spoon. Put the slow cooker on the “low” setting and check the mix for doneness in about four to six hours. If the mix is especially thick when using rice or pasta, add additional water and stir it. The dog food is done when the vegetables and meat are all tender and cooked thoroughly.

Step 8

Turn the slow cooker off and allow the dog food to cool. Pour the food into a large bowl and mash it with a potato masher until it is thick but smooth. Add additional water if needed to thin the mix.


  • Do not add onions, garlic or chives to your homemade dog food. These items may taste good to humans, but can cause gastrointestinal irritation in dogs.


  • This recipe makes enough food for a 40-pound pooch for a day or two 20-pound dogs.

  • Keep extra homemade dog food in the refrigerator for up to three days. Freeze additional dog food in meal-size baggies to take out and thaw as needed for feeding your crew.

  • Cook homemade dog food in a slow cooker on the “high” setting for about half the time to speed up the process.

Items You Will Need

  • 8 eggs
  • Cooking spray
  • Skillet
  • 1/2 pound meat (boneless and skinless)
  • 2 cups potatoes
  • 1 cup frozen peas and carrots
  • 1 teaspoon bone meal powder
  • Large bowl
  • Potato masher