Homemade Dog Wash for Strong Foul Odors

Skip the groomer and take care of your dog's odors at home.
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Strong odors such as urine, skunk and wet dog are unbearable for both you and your dog. These foul odors are removable with dog washes made from items you already have around your home. In addition to homemade dog washes, there are several ways to prevent unwanted foul odors from overwhelming your dog.

Removing Odors

In a container, mix 1 teaspoon of mild liquid dish soap, 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and one-fourth cup of baking soda. Direct your dog into the tub, soak him with water and lather on the shampoo mixture; being careful to avoid getting the mixture in his eyes. Let it sit for up to five minutes, then wash it off. This shampoo mixture is effective at removing skunk, urine and wet dog odors. Do not store the mixture in a closed container, as it will explode.

Odor Prevention

Frequent grooming and baths are helpful to prevent your dog from wet dog and urine smells. By trimming long fur around your dog's genitals, you avoid leaving a place for urine to stick to. If your dog enjoys swimming in nearby lakes or ponds, bathe with mild dish soap such as Dawn and dry him thoroughly immediately after he is done swimming. To avoid skunk odors, do not let your dog play outside without supervision.