Homemade Dog-Grooming Table

Using a table while grooming can make the task more comfortable for both dog and groomer.
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A grooming table can make life easier for almost anyone who owns a dog. Whether a dog has long or short hair or his coat is curly, wiry, or smooth, at some time in his life he will need to be groomed. At the very least, your pup should have his ears cleaned and his toenails clipped as part of his healthcare routines, and having a grooming table can make those tasks easier to accomplish.

Choosing a Homemade Grooming Table

Making your own grooming table allows you to customize the table to your dog. Therefore, you should be aware of your dog’s grooming needs before building one. You also should consider how often you will use the table, where it will be stored and how portable you need it to be. Next, take into consideration the safety features you will need and any additions you would like to make for your dog’s comfort. Finally, take your own skills into consideration. Once you have decided on all of these things, you will be ready to make your table.

Full-Sized Grooming Table

If you have a medium-sized to large dog, you will want a full-sized grooming table. These tables usually are constructed with a sheet of good-quality plywood for the tabletop and a set of banquet table legs for the base. For the safety and comfort of the groomer, the table corners frequently are rounded. For the safety and comfort of the dog, the tabletops usually are covered with grooved rubber matting or textured rubber. This covering usually is glued to the tabletop and secured with metal edging. Keep your dog’s size in mind when purchasing table legs. It is better to have a lower center of gravity when designing your table, to offer more stability if your dog moves around while grooming. It is possible to use a pipe cutter to trim some length from the feet of metal banquet table leg kits to achieve the correct table height.

Ringside Grooming Table

Smaller dogs often are more comfortable, as well as easier to groom, on a smaller grooming table. Known as “ringside” grooming tables because of their frequent use at dog shows, these small tables are lightweight and portable. They often are made by gluing rubber shelf liner to the top of wooden television trays and securing the edges with tape or lightweight metal. Rubber feet may be added to the legs of the table for additional security and to prevent the table from wobbling.

Grooming Arm

A grooming arm provides your dog with a sense of safety when he stands on the table. The arm is made from two pieces of metal conduit, formed into the shape of a capital L using elbow conduit. It is secured to the table with a C-clamp. Using a C-clamp rather than a hand clamp allows you to adjust the height of the grooming arm, which is helpful if you have more than one dog. Hang a grooming loop or harness from the end of the grooming arm using a threaded eye bolt inserted into the end of the conduit.