How to Hook a Ramp to a Bed for Dogs

Leave the ramp near the bed all night long, ensuring your dog can get on and off the bed without injury, even while you're sleeping.
Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Lots of dog owners enjoy cuddling up to their dogs at night, but some beds are too high for their pups to reach. Alternatively, a dog may have trouble getting into the bed because he’s sick or injured, or suffering from arthritis. Installing a dog ramp is a simple yet efficient way to ensure your dog has no trouble climbing in and out of bed at night.

Step 1

Measure the height of your bed. Dog ramps are adjustable, so you’ll need this information before attempting to hook up the ramp.

Step 2

Lift up the platform end of the ramp. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and lift with your legs. Do not lift with your back. If you have a larger dog dog, this ramp could be quite heavy, possibly heavy enough that you'll need an assistant.

Step 3

Locate the brace. Underneath the platform end of the ramp is a brace that slides down into the ramp’s track, locking it in place.

Step 4

Secure the brace into the track. Make sure the height of the ramp matches the height of your bed before locking it into place. If you have an assistant, ask him to check the height of the ramp as you lift and lower the brace into place.

Step 5

Adjust the degree of the ramp's incline to the right one for your dog, taking her size, health and energy level into consideration. Elderly or disabled dogs will need an easy incline, such as 18 degrees. Most healthy dogs will have no problems getting in and out of bed using a 22-degree incline, and smaller dogs may be able to use a ramp set at an even steeper incline.

Step 6

Set the ramp down. Push or carry it over to the side of the bed and ensure it's level with the top. You will have to adjust until it lines up perfectly.

Step 7

Attach the straps of the ramp to the bed according to the ramp's instructional booklet. It's likely that they will curl around the handles used to lift the mattress. Once those straps are hooked to the bed, it's time to try out your ramp. Encourage your dog to try the ramp out a few times, so you know it's safe and working correctly and she knows what it's for.