What House Dog Is Good With Kids & Does Not Shed?

Poodles are great family dogs who shed little.
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If it's time to add the canine sibling your kids have been asking for, be practical in your choice. The pup will have to be kid-friendly and tolerant of its human family members. If you don't want to waste time with extra vacuuming, a low-shedding dog is a smart choice.

All Dogs Shed At Least A Little

If you want a dog that will never shed, you'll have to stick to stuffed animals. All dogs shed; just as humans lose hair, so do dogs. However, there are breeds that shed less hair than others. Whether you need to keep allergies at bay or are trying to minimize your time running the vacuum, you can find a dog that will get along with the family without throwing hair all over the house.

Small Breed Choices

Little dogs are great for small spaces, portable and they keep up with kids surprisingly well. The shih tzu is a great family addition because the breed is lively and alert, yet not nervous or nippy. This fellow can hold his own with kids and has no trouble maintaining a high activity level. Though he doesn't shed much, his long coat requires regular grooming. The bichon frise loves to be with his people and has a gentle nature. He's outgoing and social, making him good with children, but he does require training to learn his place in the family hierarchy. The havanese is excellent with children. These guys are affectionate and playful, getting along with just about everything, including other dogs and cats, but they do require grooming.

Medium Sized Breeds

The Portuguese water dog is a lively dog, who, true to his name, is happy to be in the water. Very affectionate, this guy also has a lot of stamina, making him a solid choice for an active family. The Irish terrier is another fine option for the kids who like to play. Though these fellows are sweet and entertaining, don't let their happy temperament fool you; they're also brave and ready for action. The American water spaniel is a hunting dog at heart, but also loving and easy going, as well as a good companion for children. His energetic manner, combined with his easy trainability, make him well-suited for the family on the go.

Large Breeds

The standard poodle is an all-around great choice for a large family dog. This handsome man is intelligent, cheerful and one of the most trainable breeds. The Irish water spaniel has a coat similar to the standard poodle and also is quite intelligent. The family that brings this guy into the fold will be rewarded with a companion who's ready to please and devoted to his pack. The wirehaired pointing griffon is a natural hunting dog who's gentle and affectionate. His hunting instincts mean he likes having a job to do, and he's easily trained.