How Long Does a Sheltie Carry Puppies?

Having a Sheltie that is expecting puppies can be exciting and frightening at the same time. It is important to understand what to expect from the whole process and especially to have an idea of when the new puppies will arrive.

Sheltie Breed Gestation

The average gestation period for dogs is about 56 to 72 days or roughly nine weeks. This is true for Shelties as well. The pregnancy can last for any amount of time within this time limit, so don’t get worried if your Sheltie doesn’t whelp (or give birth) when you think it will. Make sure you are ready to deal with the new puppies at the earliest date within this period.

Signs of Labor

Your Sheltie might seek out a quiet space to have its puppies and may whine. It will be uncomfortable and restless. You can also check its temperature; if its temperature is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit it is likely the dog will deliver puppies within 24 hours.

Afterbirth Care

Make sure the puppies and mom are in a comfortable space that is warm and free of drafts. Allow your Sheltie time to stretch its legs and use the bathroom afterward. It is also a good idea to have it checked over by a vet after the birth.