How Much Should a Shih Tzu Puppy Eat?

Overfed shih tzus often suffer from obesity-related health issues.
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As Much as They Want

Dog food.
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Many shih tzu owners leave a bowl of dry dog food out all day. The puppy can eat when it feels hungry. This method provides the animal with ample nutrition to meet its growing needs.

One Ounce Per Pound

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According to the All Shih Tzu website, a shih tzu puppy needs to be fed three times a day. It should eat one ounce of food for every pound that it weighs. For example, if the puppy weighs five pounds, it should eat five ounces of food at each meal.

Bottom Line

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A scheduled and measured diet is healthier for shih tzu puppies. Free-fed puppies do not develop disciplined eating habits. In addition, it is difficult to get the puppy into a housebreaking routine if it can eat whenever it likes.