How to Build an ATV Dog Box Images

Building a dog box for your all terrain vehicle (ATV) is a project for the avid hunter who also is a do-it-yourselfer. Hunting dogs are a part of the hunter’s family so they want to be able to provide the best in boxes for them to ride safely on the back of their ATV. Dog boxes built for an ATV are not that different from those built for a truck; they are just smaller.

Building the Box

Place the two pieces of 40-by-20-by-3/4-inch plywood on a worktable. Set the blade of the combination square on 3/8 inch. Put the long leg of the head against the edge of the plywood, put a pencil on the end of the combination square blade and draw lines on the 20-inch sides and one 40-inch side of the two pieces.

Drill pilot holes on the lines with a 1/16-inch drill bit. Drill one about 1 inch from the ends of the lines and the others 4 inches apart. Drill countersink holes directly on the pilot holes about 3/8-inch deep with the countersink bit. These are the front and back of the dog box.

Put the 18-by-20-by-3/4-inch plywood on the worktable. Put the combination square against one 18-inch side as before and draw one line on each of the two pieces. Drill pilot holes followed by countersink holes as before. These are the sides of the box.

Apply glue to the 20-inch edges of the sides of the box. Set them between the front and back of the dog box. Secure them through the countersunk pilot holes with the deck screws. Turn the box on one long side.

Brush glue on the four edges of the 38 1/2-by-18-by-3/4-inch plywood with a small paintbrush. Set the piece inside the box from the sides with the pilot holes. Be certain it is even with the bottom edges of the sides, front and back. Secure it on three sides with the deck screws, turn the box over and secure it on the fourth side. Make this side the front of the box.

Top, Door and Vents

Measure from the right side of the box and make marks at 14 and 26 inches. Place the framing square on the marks and draw 20-inch lines on the front of the box. Mark the lines at 4 and 20 inches.

Lay the framing square parallel with the bottom of the box on the 4-inch marks. Draw a line from mark to mark. Repeat this on the 20-inch marks to complete the door cutout. Draw a small rectangle inside the lines for the door as a window in the door. Cut it out first with the jigsaw and then the cut out the door. Stand the dog box upright.

Cut holes in the sides of the box for venting. Set the 40-by-19 1/2-by-3/4-inch plywood on the worktable. Draw a line 3/8 inch from all four edges as you did with the other pieces. Drill pilot holes and countersink as before.

Apply glue to the top edges of the box and secure the top to it with the deck screws. Install hinges on the door according to manufacturer’s instructions. Do the same with the handles and latch.


  • Use deck screws because of the outdoor use of the dog box.
    Cover the edges of the box with aluminum outside corner molding according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean up the excess glue immediately with a damp cloth.


  • Do not leave power tools within reach of children. Do not apply a finish to the dog box without proper ventilation.