How to Care of Newborn Chihuahua Puppies

As the smallest of all dog breeds, Chihuahua puppies are extremely tiny. Weighing just a few ounces, a newborn Chihuahua is vulnerable to sicknesses, injuries and predators. Keeping newborn Chihuahua puppies safe requires special care.

Keep the puppies from any high surfaces. It's best not to put them on a couch, bed, table or other surface off the ground. Their eyes will still be closed and they are vulnerable to falling and being injured. Keep them on the floor or very close to it to eliminate this hazard.

Make sure the floor is warm enough. Any Chihuahuas, but particularly puppies, are so close to the floor that they are prone to colds and other illnesses when the floor is not warm enough. Make sure the room is warm enough to keep the puppies comfortable. Feel the floor to make certain that it is not cold enough to lower the puppies' body temperature. Cover any area of the room that could produce drafts.

Let the puppies sleep as much as they need to. They are so cute that it can be tempting to wake them up to hold and play with them. However, they need plenty of sleep to help them to grow and maintain their health.

Feed any puppy that the mother has abandoned or is having trouble nursing. Occasionally there may be too many puppies and not enough nipples to feed them all. In that case, one puppy may need to drink puppy formula. The formulas are available in most pet stores. Follow the directions for readying the formula for the puppy. Then, load about 1 or 2 ccs of the formula for the puppy into a medicinal syringe.

Take each puppy out of his bedding after eating so that he can relieve himself. This keeps his waste away from his bedding and eating area.