How to Choose the Best Toys for Maltese Dogs

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Maltese is a popular, tiny dog with a sweet and loving disposition. They adore being beside their owners, and they are always ready for a game. The Maltese is easily trained and excels at making its owners happy. These dogs adore toys. Many Maltese pack around toys, sleep with toys and enjoy an active game of fetch with a beloved item. The Maltese seldom weighs more than seven pounds, but despite its tiny size it is always exuberant and filled with a love for life. They are often recognized as the hams of the dog world.

Choose small and lightweight toys for the Maltese. Remember that the Maltese is a tiny dog and unable to carry a lot of weight.

Squeeze various noise-making toys to choose one with a pleasing sound. Many dog toys squeak, chirp or even play music. The Maltese breed seems to especially enjoy noisy toys. Tiny dogs will sometimes lay around all day, happily squeaking a toy.

Purchase a dog rope toy that sports knots along the length, in a tiny size. These small ropes are ideal for playing a game of tug-of-war. The tiny knots allow the Maltese to get a firm grip with their small mouths.

Choose several toys that are beneficial for the health of a small dog's gums and teeth. Maltese often suffer from gum disease later in life, so allowing them to use plaque- and tartar-removing toys will help prevent the development of gum disease. There are many brands of tiny toys sold that are excellent for the oral health of dogs. Inquire at your local pet store for the best ones for the Maltese.

Many Maltese love the taste of carrots. Provide a baby carrot, and the dog will happily chew on it for an hour or two.

Give the Maltese several stuffed animals to play with. They tend to snuggle up beside a stuffed animal and seem to pretend it's another dog or furry friend.


  • Utilize simple things in the home, like an empty cardboard toilet paper roll, as toys for your tiny Maltese.


  • Never give tiny, marble-sized balls to a Maltese. These are a choking hazard.