How to Get Free Dog Breeder Packs

Puppies will adjust to new homes better if they don't change food.
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Puppies from registered breeders are sold for large sums of money, and the buyers expect to receive them in fit and healthy condition. Send your puppies to their new homes equipped with their vaccination record, a favorite toy or blanket, the feeding bowl they are accustomed to using and a sample of the food they have been weaned on. Professional breeder packs are available for free from the leading commercial pet food companies.

Conduct research to find out which dog food companies provide free breeder packs before you wean the puppies. Start the puppies on the food that will accompany them, so it is not necessary to change diet unless the new owners consider it important to do so.

Ask your veterinarian about breeders’ packs. Veterinarians stock various high-end dog foods for resale to their patients, and the turnover they do usually qualifies them for an allocation of free packs. If your veterinarian knows you are a responsible breeder who ensures your puppies go to good homes, he may be prepared to help you send them off in style.

Join the breeders clubs offered by the leading dog food manufacturers. Most require your personal details, the type of dogs you breed, the number of litters you produce each year and occasionally a photo of your dogs. This information helps the company project how much food to manufacture, and how many puppy packs will be needed for the members.

Use the products available from the companies whose clubs you have joined. Several commercial pet food sellers offer discount for breeders and services like free delivery. If you have a number of dogs and use a large amount of pet food this will be an added convenience for you.

Order your puppy packs in good time to send them with the puppies to their new homes. Make sure the packs contain instructions for the new owners on how to introduce the puppy to a different diet. This will help avoid the puppy having diarrhea in its first few days in the new home, and will result in a professional image for you as a breeder.


  • Be careful of feeding your pet product from an unfamiliar company offering free pet food over the internet. Only feed leading brands or food from companies that you have investigated thoroughly.