How to Get Rid of Fleas in Cars & on Dogs

Your furry sidekick could bring his own pests into your car.
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You may welcome your dog, but not his fleas in your car. A flea-infested animal spreads fleas to his most frequented locations. So if your dog spends a lot of time with you in the car, fleas will end up there as well. Fleas may prefer your dog's blood, but yours will do in a pinch. Eliminating fleas from your car and dog requires a two-tiered strategy of cleaning and extermination.

Getting Rid of Fleas on the Dog

Give your dog a flea dip. Fill a tub with warm water and add the amount of flea-dip chemical recommended in the product's packaging. Place your dog into the tub with the water up to, but not higher than, his neck. Reach into the water and massage your dog's fur. Pay extra attention to the genital and rear region where fleas like to hide. In order to drown the fleas, you must keep your dog submerged in the tub. A spray hose or bucket bath will not sufficiently drown the fleas on your dog.

Place a clean washcloth over your dog's eyes. Soak the second washcloth in the flea-dip bath water and massage your dog's neck, ears and snout until the fur is saturated to the skin. You may need to use a third fresh washcloth for his eyes if the first one becomes wet. Saturate the fur behind and outside his ears but avoid dripping water into his ear canal, which can cause irritation and infection.

Soak your dog for the recommended amount of time and transfer him from the tub to a dry towel. Do not shampoo your dog for at least 48 hours after a flea dip, or you risk diluting the exterminate on his fur. Apply flea-and-tick-preventative spot treatment 24 hours after the dip to repel future flea infestations. Reapply the spot treatment every month during warm weather.

Getting Rid of Fleas in the Car

Remove any blankets, sheets, bedding or clothing from your car and seal them in garbage bags. Carry the garbage bags from your car directly to the washing machine and use the hottest temperatures possible for both washing and drying.

Vacuum your car thoroughly. Pay particular attention to seats or areas where your dog likes to rest. Wipe down any surfaces with antibacterial spray. Remove any clutter, debris or papers from the floor or pockets of the car where fleas might hide.

Insert a single flea bomb in the middle of the car floor. Roll up all the windows, detonate the flea bomb and shut the door immediately. You cannot use your car for 48 hours after detonating a flea bomb to avoid inhaling toxic chemicals. After 48 hours, leave the windows rolled down for several hours and allow the car to air out. Flea bombs are available in the pest section at any major hardware store.


  • If you found fleas in your car, they're probably also in your house. Flea bomb your house using the same method of vacuuming, cleaning and washing before bombing.