How to Keep Your Dog in the Garage During the Summer

While it may not be the optimal situation, some pet owners may need to leave their dog in the garage while they are out during the summer. With proper planning, the garage can provide a safe, comfortable spot for a pet to stay for a few hours at a time.

Set up an area for your dog in the garage. Put a crate, dog bed or dog blankets down in a cleared corner where the dog will feel safe and where she can nap if she chooses. Place a water bowl near the dog bed and a food bowl if your dog is accustomed to eating throughout the day. Designate a few toys such as a Kong filled with treats, a hardy bone and a sturdy stuffed animal to keep your dog occupied while you are out. Show the dog the toys, its bed and water bowl in the garage.

Remove any hazards. Garages can be cool places for pets to get away from the summer heat, but they also hold dangerous materials that can be harmful to your pet. The American Veterinary Medical Association suggests removing cleaning products, insecticides, antifreeze, paints and solvents from the garage in order to protect your pet. At least, you should put these things in a cupboard or on a high shelf where your dog won't be tempted to explore them.

Put a thermometer in the garage. This is important so you know how hot it is getting in there. If the temperatures rise too high, you will need to pen your dog somewhere else.

Remember that the garage is a temporary home for your dog. Do not leave your dog in the garage for any longer than you have to, a few hours at the most. Your dog will need exercise after being confined; be prepared to take him out for a walk or play fetch when you get home.


  • Do not use the garage as a place of punishment if you intend to house your dog in there while you are gone. The dog should associate the garage with positive situations, not negative ones.