How to Make Weight-pulling Harnesses for Dogs

by Serena Thomas

How to Make Weight-pulling Harnesses for Dogs


Try the harness on the dog while sewing the different stages so you can see that it fits properly.


For bigger dogs that will pull heavier loads, nylon straps tend to be stronger and last longer.

Use heavy-duty thread for added strength.

When equipped with a proper harness, dogs can be used to pull a load. The basic harness is simple, but additional straps can be attached for added strength. You can fashion the harness from different materials depending on the desired tensile strength for the load that will be pulled.

Making the Harnass

Measure the dog for the harness. With the measuring tape find the circumference of the dog's neck just where it meets the chest, around his chest just behind the elbow, and the length between the two circumferences between the shoulder blades and along the sternum.

Measure the leather strapping to these measurements, add 2 inches and cut lengths with the knife. You will have two longer lengths and two shorter lengths. Use good-quality leather (leather that has been treated on both sides and is heavier) as it is more durable and will hold together when the dog stresses it.

Sew the neck ring together so it forms a loop. Sew the two shorter lengths onto this loop opposite one another. You can do this by sewing them directly to the neck loop or by looping the leather over the neck loop before sewing, allowing the short lengths to slide along the neck ring.

Sew the chest loop by attaching the buckle to each end of the longest leather length. Use a buckle that will lay flat against the dog so it is comfortable for him to wear.

Attach the two straps already sewn on to the neck loop of leather from Step 3 to the chest loop you just made. You can do this by sewing them directly to the leather or by wrapping them over the chest loop before attaching them back onto themselves, so they slide along the chest loop.

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