How to Pre-Moisten Dry Dog Food

Some dogs are picky, while others have trouble chewing hard food. Whatever the reason, pre-moistening your dog's dry food can make it easier to eat and more appetizing. Softening the food can be as simple as adding some water or some other tastier liquids.

Reasons to Pre-Moisten Food

Dry food is a popular choice among dog owners because it's easy to buy and transport and it has a long shelf-life. It also offers advantages to your dog, including helping to remove plaque and slowing down fast eaters.

If you've been feeding your dog wet food and want to switch to dry, however, you might find some resistance. Pre-moistening your dog's food can make the food more palatable and the transition easier.

In addition, pre-moistened food is softer, so it's better for dogs who have difficulty chewing or for puppies who are just starting to consume dry food. Adding liquids to dry food can also help your dog consume more water, which can help dogs who aren't big water drinkers or are slightly dehydrated.

Doing It Right

The best way to pre-moisten dry dog food is to add warm water. This will help release the flavor and aroma from the food better and make it more appetizing. Start by mixing in just a few tablespoons of warm water and wait for the food to soften. You can always add more if you want the food to be softer -- or if you want to mash it into a paste -- or to adapt to your pet's taste.

if you're pre-moistening the food to entice a reluctant pet to eat, you might try a different liquid. For example, a low-sodium chicken or beef broth or some tuna juice from a can can not only help soften the food, but also add some strong aroma and flavor to the mix. To keep calories under control, you can use a mix of warm water and broth or tuna juice to pre-moisten the food.