How to Register a Dog With the UKC

How to Register a Dog With the UKC. The United Kennel Club is one of the United States' premiere kennel clubs. Some pedigreed dogs will come with UKC papers and other pedigreed dogs will come with papers from another registry, such as the American Dog Breeder's Association or the American Kennel Club. If your dog has papers from another kennel club, it may still be possible to register it with the UKC.

Fill out an application for registration. You will need either a single registration if you are registering one dog or a litter registration if you are registering an entire litter (see Resources). Keep in mind that both the sire and dam have to be registered with the UKC if you are completing a litter registration. If your dog isn't registered anywhere and it is spayed or neutered, you can apply for a limited registration.

Gather supporting documents. If the dog came with registration papers for UKC, you may have to provide a picture. If the dog is registered with another kennel club, you will need to enclose the registration and three generation pedigree from that kennel club. It is best if you send a copy of these instead of sending the originals. You will also need to provide three pictures of your dog, a front shot, a left side shot and a right side shot.

Write your name on the back of everything you submit to UKC. This is important because paperwork can get lost or become separated.

Decide what services you want and indicate them on the paperwork. You can order just basic registration papers or you can order a longer pedigree. You will have to decide if you want your papers processed normally or if you want them rushed or sent next day air. UKC also offers some publications.

Pick a payment method. You can write out a check or money order or you can fill out the area to have your credit or debit card charged for the fees.

Make copies of everything you will send in to UKC. If anything gets lost in the mail or at the UKC office, you have copies to send back to them.

Put all of your documents and pictures in an envelope and send them to UKC. It is a good idea to send them with at least a delivery confirmation so you have proof of when they got the papers.


  • For some breeds, such as the American pit bull terrier, there is an extra step to registering a dog with the UKC. If its sire and dam aren't UKC registered, your dog will have to be inspected. In this case, the inspector sends the paperwork to UKC after the inspection.