How to Remove Dead Hair From Dogs

It is important to keep a pet groomed, especially when you're trying to keep your home free of pet hair. Although dogs will shed hair, pet owners can help remove dead pet hair and keep it manageable. Dog owners who are prone to allergies, or have young children present, may want to keep dead hair from falling on couches, floors and furniture. In order to do this, it is important to remove the dead hair from the dog regularly.

Bathe the dog every two to four weeks. Using lukewarm water will help release the dead hair from the dog. Be sure to wash the dog in a shampoo made especially for dogs. There are conditioners available as well. Bathing a dog more than every two to four weeks may cause dry skin, decreasing the skin’s natural oils, which should be avoided if possible.

Brush the dog with a slicker brush or grooming rake. Dogs should be brushed a few times a week to remove dead hair. New hair is growing and old hair is falling out. Sometimes the hair stays on the dog, especially if the dog has a lot of it. Dead hair may sometimes get stuck in shaggy and long haired dogs. The brush can help remove it before it falls on your carpet or furniture.

Use a lint brush or a pet hair roller to remove the dead hair from the dog. Start at the top of the dog’s head and move the roller over the back of the neck, towards the tail. Be sure to use the lint brush or roller on the dog’s legs, as well as the chest and where the dog tends to shed the most.

Comb the dog to remove dead hair and mats. Combing helps remove the dead hair from dogs and helps control pet dander and may find flea frass. If this is the case, talk to a veterinarian about using flea control. Most pet stores and veterinarians carry flea combs that can be used to remove dead hair.

Take the dog to a groomer and get the hair clipped. Long and short haired dogs both shed, however the longer and fuller the hair, the more shedding will occur. Dogs with long hair may welcome a good clip, especially during hot summer months. Based on the particular dog's coat, groomers may also know of a special shampoo that can help prevent shedding or even remove more dead hair.


  • Give the dog a treat after each bath and brushing to reward good behavior.


  • Do not hold down or hurt the dog while bathing or brushing. Do not bathe dogs outside during cold weather. Do not brush or comb harshly when mats are present.