How to Stop Your Neighbor's Dog's Annoying Barking

Stop Your Neighbor's Dog's Annoying Barking


  • Fireworks may be illegal in your area. It varies widely from state to state & town to town. sells firecrackers all year long

There is nothing more annoying than a barking dog. I've been there... At 3 am the dog starts barking at nothing, and it just keeps barking and barking until you must get up tired the next morning. It can drive you to the point of insanity and you wonder if your neighbors are deaf not hearing their dog's loud barking.

In this article, I will teach you how to get your neighbor's dog to stop barking. Since you have to live near the people, sometimes it's best they don't know it is you.

The first step is the easy step and is good for most reasonable neighbors. (I must note here my neighbors are crazy, and I had to do step 4!) Simply print up a paper that says "Your dog's barking goes on all night, and I would appreciate it if you would buy your dog a bark collar or bring it in". Simply print it, print a signature "concerned neighbor" and tape it to their door at night.

If this doesn't work proceed to step 2.

The second step is to print any city code or ordinance against barking dogs. Many cities have these, and their codes can be found on . Print this and comment under it that you asked nice, and next time you will call the city if it does not stop immediately and that it is driving you insane.

If this does not work go to step 3.

Make good on it. Call the city. Report the loud animal at night. Sometimes cities will send people out to listen for the dog at night. Other times they do not. My city was one who did not.

For some cities, they will come out and issue a "warning" and this will work. But to get an actual fine for a barking dog, an animal control officer or police officer must hear the dog going on and on.

Call the police if this doesn't work and it is the middle of the night. The police will ring their door bell and issue them a ticket.

IF this does not work, proceed to step 4.

For me the above 3 steps did not work after 2 years of immense suffering. So I chose to go vigilante. Dogs are terrified of thunder and fireworks. Seeing as I could not create thunder, I bought on a 4th of July numerous packages of black cats and cracker balls. The dog began its routine this time at 2:30AM, and I opened up my window and threw a pack of 20 black cats near the dogs fence. Needless to say the dog ran cowering to the other side of its fence.

The next morning it started again, and again I threw more fireworks outside of its fence (this way the dog could not be injured by the fireworks) This time the dog was silent for 2 full weeks.

On last time it tried, and I threw 20 black cats again, and 2 cracker balls tied together outside of the fence. The dog ran away, and I could hear it whimpering on the other side of the yard.

I have not heard from the dog since. It is fine, but no longer barks at night. It also felt really good to do this after so much torment.

If this does not work, proceed to step 5.

Print a letter to the mayor of your city telling your story of torment and what you have tried to do about it (I'd leave the fireworks out of the letter). Have all your neighbors that are annoyed by the animal sign it. Mail the letter and let them know that the appropriate departments could not help you and you hoped the mayor could. The mayor will be active on it and make sure the right dept enforces it. This is especially the case if it is a small city/town that is under 100,000 in population.

Good Luck & Happy Sleep


  • Fireworks may be illegal in your area. It varies widely from state to state & town to town.

  • sells firecrackers all year long

Items You Will Need

  • Cell Phone
  • Printer
  • Various LOUD fireworks
  • You may need other barked out neighbors.