Is Human Conditioner Safe for Dogs?

Save your stuff for your own mane.
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You surely want to finish up your furry pal’s bath with a lather of conditioner. Conditioner softens his coat, adds a fresh fragrance and limits snarls in his fur. Conditioner is beneficial for your canine as long as you use one specifically designed for dogs. Human-grade conditioner may cause problems.

Human Conditioner Issues

Human conditioners are often loaded with fragrant compounds and chemicals that can irritate a dog’s sensitive skin. These products can cause rashes and dry skin; they can lead to hair loss if your pooch happens to be sensitive to an ingredient in the conditioner. Human conditioners could be poisonous if a dog ingests a dollop of the stuff, and it can burn his eyes if some happens to drip down into them. Doggie conditioners, on the other hand, are mild and shouldn’t be irritating for your pooch.