The Ideal Weight for Havanese Dogs

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Small in stature, the Havanese dog is a breed with larger-than-life charisma. The Havanese originated in Cuba and is known for being a hearty, playful companion suitable for an urban or rural lifestyle. To ensure your Havanese maintains the optimal weight for your dog, discuss a nutrition and exercise regimen with his breeder and your veterinarian.

Weighing In

The Havanese breed standard dictates that an average adult should weigh 8 to 13 pounds. They may vary in side according to their parents' size: Two large specimens should produce litters with larger-than-average weights. Some mature Havanese grow to be nearly 20 pounds, though those are rare. A breeder can weigh a puppy at 8 weeks old and estimate what the dog's weight will be as an adult, though the results may vary based on bloodline, diet and exercise.


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