Innotek SD 3000 Transmitter Instructions

Use the Innotek SD 3000 system to keep your dog safely in your yard.
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The Innotek SD 3000 is an electronic shock collar system used both for containing a dog in a safe area, and for providing training correction. When a dog wearing the receiver collar moves too close to underground wiring that has been placed along a containment area boundary line, the wall-mounted transmitter will deliver a light shock stimulus to the dog. Both the size of the containment area and the level of the shock setting can be adjusted. A hand-held transmitter can also be used, which delivers a stimulus or an audible tone alert when the related correction button is pressed.

Using the Hand-Held Transmitter

Step 1

Remove the battery cover and insert a 12-volt alkaline battery in the transmitter. Replace the battery cover.

Step 2

Insert the battery in the receiver collar. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the battery cap on the back of the collar. Insert a 3-volt lithium battery with the "+" sign facing out. Screw the battery cap back on.

Step 3

Program the stimulus setting on the hand-held transmitter. Press and hold the "Program" button on the back of the transmitter. Continue holding the "Program" button and press and hold button "1" on the front. Release the "Program" button and continue to hold button "1." The light on the transmitter will alternate between red and green. Release button "1" when the lights stop.

Step 4

Select your tone alert option. Press and hold the "Program" button on the back of the transmitter. While holding the "Program" button, press and hold button "2" to choose a tone alert with the stimulation, choose button "3" for no tone or choose button "4" for a tone after a short delay. Release the "Program" button and continue to hold button "2," "3" or "4." The light will glow solid, then go out. Release all buttons.

Step 5

Synchronize the transmitter and the receiver. Align the red paper dot on the collar receiver against the red dot on the hand-held transmitter and hold them together for five to eight seconds. The light on the receiver will glow solid and then change to yellow. Separate the receiver and the transmitter by 1 foot or more, then press and hold any of the "Stimulation" buttons. Release the button when the light on the collar pulses red.

Step 6

Use the "Stimulation" button when training or correcting your dog to deliver a light electrical shock. Use the "Bad dog" button to use a tone correction only, or to use a tone as a warning prior to the shock correction.

Using the Wall-Mounted Transmitter

Step 1

Mount the transmitter. Select an dry, indoor location within 5 feet of a standard electrical outlet. Using the screw holes on the side of the transmitter as a template, mark the location of holes with a pencil. Use a screwdriver to install it to the wall using the supplied screws.

Step 2

Connect the wire from the underground containment system to the transmitter. Use a window or a drilled hole at the base of an exterior wall to pass the two sections of wire through from the outside. Use a small knife to strip the insulation from a 5/8-inch section of the wire ends, and insert the wire into the terminals marked on the transmitter.

Step 3

Plug the transmitter into the electrical socket. Turn the transmitter knob to the "ON" position. A red light should illuminate on your transmitter indicating a properly functioning system.

Step 4

Set the area of the containment system by adjusting the "Field Width" knob on the transmitter. Set the level of stimulation by selecting the "LOW," "MEDIUM" or "HIGH" setting on the transmitter.


  • Turn the "Field Width" knob all the way counter-clockwise to turn the system off.

  • The Innotek SD 3000 has a built-in safety feature and will not deliver a shock stimulus that is longer than 10 seconds in duration.

Items You Will Need

  • 3-volt lithium battery
  • 12-volt alkaline battery
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Small knife