What Is Interceptor for Dogs?

You should keep your dogs on heartworm prevention every month.
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Interceptor is a heartworm prevention product manufactured by Novartis. The active ingredient is milbemycin oxime. In addition to protecting your pup from heartworms, it protects against certain intestinal parasites.

Preventative Product

Interceptor is a flavored tablet that comes in several sizes. According to the label information, it removes adult roundworms and whipworms and controls adult hookworm infections. Roundworms and hookworms are zoonotic, which means they can pass from your dog to you. A heartworm test should be performed by your veterinarian before Interceptor is started, as your dog may become sick if he is infected with heartworms and you administer Interceptor. You need to give the product every month, on a regular schedule, for it to be effective.

Interceptor Safety

Interceptor is a safe product for puppies older than 4 weeks, which means you can begin to administer it before puppies are weaned. The product was found to be safe for pregnant females, and no toxicity was seen when Interceptor was given to collies -- unlike heartworm prevention products containing ivermectin, which are known to cause neurologic problems in some collies. Interceptor can be given with other medications, including vaccinations.