Are Irish Setters Like Border Collies?

Irish setters and border collies are both loyal companions to their owners.
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Irish setters and border collies are working dogs who require a lot of daily exercise. Although both breeds may not resemble each other in appearance, they do share similar desires to work. Border collies are best suited for herding animals, while Irish setters are admirable hunting dogs. Both breeds have tireless energy and are considered valuable working dogs.

Coat and Color

Border collies generally have black and white, sable, merle, tricolor or bicolor coats. The coat texture can be either rough or smooth. The rough coat is wavy and flat with medium to long hair length, while the smooth coat is short throughout the entire body. Irish setters have a mahogany color coat, with straight, flat hair. The legs, tail, chest, belly and backs of the ears have long feathering.

Temperament and Traits

Highly energetic and very playful, the border collie, is a loyal companion, dependable and friendly. Border collies are an active enthusiast, alert, highly intelligent and full of eagerness. At times, they may behave shy around strangers and other pets in the household. Irish setters are affectionate, sweet, playful and loyal companions. They have a good-natured attitude and remain puppy-like throughout their lifetime. They get along well with other dogs in the household.

Working and Exercise

Known as a workaholic, the border collie has extraordinary working ability due to impeccable instinct and tireless energy. They hold an intense gaze and use a stalking movement to control stock. They are commonly used for herding sheep. They have the ability to cover a lot of ground when working due to their smooth trot and agility. Irish setters work as hunting dogs and participate in hunts with stamina and speed. They are enthusiastic hunters who have a trot that efficiently covers a lot of ground. Their tireless energy allows them to work for hours. Both breeds have an abundance of tireless energy. As a pet, they require an extensive amount of daily exercise. If there is a lack of opportunity for them to release their energy, they can become overly active or destructive when indoors.

Grooming Care

Twice weekly brushing is required for border collies all year round. They are seasonal shredders and may require additional brushing to remove loose hair during shedding season. Irish setters require daily brushing throughout their lifetime. Especially around the areas where their hair feathers and grows the longest. In addition, occasional trimming behind the ears and between the paw pads is necessary to prevent matting. Both breeds should be bathed as needed.