How to Keep 2 Outside Dogs From Getting Tangled

Keeping multiple dogs outside requires forethought and planning.
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Keeping dogs outside represents a special set of challenges, even for seasoned pet owners. This becomes especially difficult if the dogs are kept on tie-outs. With a little time and effort, you can keep two outside dogs from getting tangled together.

Step 1

Set aside a wide, open space for each dog. The closer the dogs are to one another, the more likely they are to become entangled. Provide each dog with shelter, food and water to keep him dry and comfortable.

Step 2

Screw a stake into the ground in the center of each dog’s area, and attach a cable tie to the stake. Clip the free end of the cable to the dog’s collar to prevent him from wandering out of your yard. Each tie should be long enough for the dog to reach his shelter and food, but not so long as to allow him reach the other dog's living space.

Step 3

Alternativey, install two overhead cable ties in separate areas to keep the dogs apart. Attach one end of each cable to a strong, sturdy surface such as a tree trunk, placing it approximately 24 inches above the head of the tallest dog. Attach the other end of each cable to another nearby surface to create a tall, straight zip line. Elevating the cables prevents the dogs from stepping over them and getting tangled. Attach one end of the leash cable to the hook on the elevated cable and the other end to the dog’s collar.

Step 4

Erect a chain-link kennel around each dog’s area to separate your playful pooches. A 6-foot by 6-foot enclosure is large enough for small and medium-sized dogs, but large dogs may require a 12-foot by 12-foot pen. Purchase panels that are at least 6 feet tall to prevent your pups from jumping out.

Step 5

Provide your pups with plenty of attention to keep them stimulated. Outside dogs may become destructive if they are bored, so spend quality time with them every day to prevent this negative behavior.


  • Never leave your dogs tied outside without food, water or shelter. Failure to provide these basic resources for your dog may result in criminal charges.


  • Purchase tie-outs and supplies at your local hardware or pet store.

Items You Will Need

  • Ground stakes
  • Cable ties
  • Overhead ties
  • Chain-link panels