How to Keep a Dog From Chewing Items

Always stay calm when correcting your pup or he may become anxious and chew something else.
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Corners of your favorite book, wires on your phone charger and your best leather shoes are just a few items your pup has attacked. It is exasperating, but you can keep your dog from chewing your prized possessions. Give him plenty of exercise and supervision, and provide him with choices.

Step 1

Discover why your pup is chewing everything. If he is more than 6 months old, he's not teething. He may, however, be bored, lonely or need more exercise.

Step 2

Walk your dog daily. It's best if you can walk him twice a day. Take him on new routes to satisfy his curiosity. If you can't go for a walk, play fetch in the backyard.

Step 3

Block off an area of the house for your pup. Make it a place where you can see him, but he is unable to reach your valuables. Keeping him in a restricted area allows you to supervise him until he learns not to chew your things.

Step 4

Train your dog to stay in a crate when you can't be home. Do not crate him for long periods, and make sure you take him out to potty before he enters the crate. Provide him with water and chew toys.

Step 5

Provide your pup with acceptable items to chew, such as nylon bones, squeaky toys or hard rubber balls. Don't give him an old pair of shoes, a piece of clothing or old socks. He will not understand what is acceptable and what is not.

Step 6

Redirect his attention when he starts to chew on your valuables. Say "no" and take the item from him. Replace the item with an acceptable substitute.

Step 7

View the house from your dog's eye level. This is a good chance to discover dangling cords, magazines on the floor and tossed clothes. Remove the tempting items. Shut the closet doors and place clothes in the hamper. Move cords out of his reach.


  • Never chase after an item. He will think it's a game. Call him to you.

  • Don't scold him for chewing on an item you found. He won't remember it and it just causes anxiety for your pooch.


  • Apply bitter apple spray to the legs of furniture, if he likes to gnaw on wood. It's a deterrent to stop your pooch from chewing on the surface.

  • Be consistent when you supervise him. He will eventually learn to stop chewing on unacceptable items.

Items You Will Need

  • Nylon bones
  • Squeaky toys
  • Hard rubber balls
  • Crate