How to Keep Dogs Amused

Tug-of-war is an enjoyable form of entertainment for dogs.
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Dogs are just like humans when it comes to entertainment. Not only do dogs need entertainment to have fun, but it can also be stimulating for a dog. This will keep his mind sharp and help prolong his life. While toys can offer hours of fun, there are other ways to amuse dogs. Whether you're looking for a way to amuse your dog in your absence or want a way to play together, you can keep your dog entertained.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys keep dogs busy for hours. All you need to do is fill the toy with treats and watch as your dog works to get the treats. This is not only a great way to amuse your dog, but it will also keep his mind sharp. For even more hours of fun, make sure he has several puzzle toys to choose from. When you give him a different puzzle toy to play with each day, he's less likely to learn the secrets too quickly.


Exercise is a great form of entertainment for dogs, especially those that were bred to be active. For example, Labradors will love games of fetch and swimming. Smaller dogs, such as Chihuahuas, don't require outdoor exercise. This breed is small enough to exercise indoors. A few laps around the coffee table and your Chihuahua is good to go. Of course, you could always take your dog on a walk, which is good for both of you.


Some dogs love to watch TV, especially shows that feature animals. If you have to leave the house for a few hours, leaving the TV on can keep your dog entertained. She will enjoy the background noise and feel less anxious about your absence. This can help prevent the negative side effects of separation anxiety. Just be careful not to leave the TV on a channel that might upset your dog. Thunderstorms, gun shots and other loud noises can make anxiety worse.


Whether it's tug-of-war or fetch, dogs love to play games. One of the biggest reasons dogs love games is that you're involved. Dogs love spending time with their owners, which makes games one of the best forms of entertainment. Your dog will especially love games in which you hide a treat and he has to find it. You can do this with items you have around the house, but there are also games that allow you to hide the treat under small cups or under sliding doors.